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   Ash, White (Fraxinus americana) Primarily grows in the eastern U.S. The most desirable color is found in the upper Mississippi River region. Color: off-white to tan or light grey. Beautiful open grain similar to oak.
  Cherry (Prunus serotina) A wide-ranging hardwood with the best lumber originating in Pennsylvania. Color: light to medium reddish-cinnamon. Darkens beautifully to a rich reddish-brown with age and exposure to light. One of the most prized furniture woods.
  Maple, Hard (Acer saccharum) Grows in the upper Great Lakes, northeastern U.S., and Canada. Color: selected for "white," varies to light beige. Dense, smooth, and consistant.



White Oak (Quercus alba) Found extensively throughout the eastern U.S. Color: beige to grey, with occasional light-greenish undertones. White oak is prized for the beautiful medullary ray pattern exposed when the lumber is quarter-sawn (popularized by Craftsman and Mission style furniture.) We use only quarter-sawn and straight-grained rift-sawn lumber, and mill profiles that accentuate these grain patterns.


  Walnut (Juglans nigra) Wide-ranging, but grows primarily in the north central U.S. Color: medium to dark brown with blonde (but easily blended) sapwood. Over time, walnut mellows to a rich golden brown. Because of its rich, deep color and beautiful grain, North American walnut is very popular throughout the world.


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