Picture Woods, Ltd.


Quality Throughout

Since 1980, quality has been our hallmark. We set a standard of craftsmanship and finish quality that is unsurpassed in natural hardwood picture frame moulding.

To achieve this, we buy only the highest grades of lumber, ensuring the most consistent color, and we hand-select each board to produce the straightest pieces. Our mouldings are guaranteed to precisely match mill run after mill run and are free from machining and finish defects. We sand our moulding with a very fine grit – P280 to P320 - until the surface is completely clean to the eye and smooth to the touch. Our natural and semi-translucent finishes are hand-applied to allow the beauty and depth of the wood to show through. Our black and white opaque lacquers are hand-applied and hand-rubbed to an elegant satin finish.


North American Hardwoods

Our commitment to quality is equaled by our commitment to the environment and sustainable industry. We use only renewable, North American hardwoods such as walnut, hard maple, cherry, white oak, and ash. Mouldings are finely-sanded and hand-finished to produce the finest, most consistent quality possible. Our handcrafted, natural and semi-translucent finishes showcase the beauty of these domestic hardwoods. Our line also includes finishes that reflect the beauty of exotic woods such as padauk, purpleheart, and ebony, without the environmental consequences.



We have joined forces with our regional recycler and our local municipality to compost all of our raw wood waste, which has currently made us the largest compost contributor in Boulder County. This, combined with our paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass recycling, means we recycle over 85% of our discard. Even our old computers, monitors, and similar items are recycled.


Service to You

As a family-owned business, we take pride in our responsive, knowledgeable customer service. Our office staff is extensively trained to know the unique qualities of domestic hardwood moulding, so we may help you determine what is best for your framing needs. We guide you through the options of standard Picture Woods moulding, creative modifications to standard moulding, or custom-milling choices until we find the perfect solution.

Picture Woods has one location – Boulder, Colorado – where all of our customer service representatives are located and all of our manufacturing takes place. Since all operations happen within the same building, our customer service representatives have hands-on experience with our moulding, and work integrally with our craftspeople to be sure your order is completed as you specified.

Sales representatives are our eyes and hands in the field. They familiarize you with our products and keep your samples up-to-date. Because they live and work in your region, our sales representatives have good insight into the local trends and can often help you find the right resources.

We strive to provide you with elegant, beautiful moulding that you are proud to present to your customer – for many reasons.

Tel: 800-321-6522    Fax: 800-901-9663    ♦♦    5060 Chaparral Court    Boulder, CO    80301

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